How to refer

Emergency retinal referrals Office hours: The Ophthalmology Emergency Referral Service (ERS) at King's can be contacted by telephone (020 3299 2601) or fax (020 3299 3738) and the patient will be given an emergency appointment, usually the same day.  Out of hours: Refer to the Accident and Emergency Department who will contact the on-call ophthalmology SHO/Registrar as required.

The is also a dedicated surgical retina telephone hotline that is staffed 24 hours a day. The telephone number is 07792 578 931. You will usually be able to speak directly to a Vitreoretinal Consultant (myself of Mr Dominic McHugh), or an experienced, post-CCST Vitreoretinal Fellow.  

Urgent retinal referrals I aim to offer a fast-track referral service for potentially sight-threatening retinal disease. I am in the hospital every weekday except Wednesday, and on Wednesday my Consultant Colleague, Mr Dominic McHugh, is available for an urgent Vitreoretinal opinion. If you wish to refer directly to me please send a fax marked urgent, for my attention, to 020 3299 3738.  Alternatively contact my secretary on 020  3299 3385 or at If my secretary is unavailable you may contact Carol Robins on 020 3299 4548 or at   Once I have received the referral I will triage immediately and arrange urgent review as appropriate.

Routine retinal referrals
For routine retinal referrals it is usual practice to refer via the patient's GP.  This has the advantage that patients arrive in clinic with a summary of their general health problems and current medication, but it is perhaps wasteful of the patient's and GP's time and doubtlessly slows referral.  On balance, I personally feel that direct optometry referral to clinic is appropriate for most cases.  I am presently discussing this issue with my colleagues to see if there is a consensus opinion in favour of direct referral of routine retinal cases.  I am also looking into the cost implications for King's with payment by results.  Watch this space.  

Private patients
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